1/09/2020 UPDATE
January 09, 2021

1/09/2020 UPDATE


Please read the blog below to find out what's on sale, what's discounted, what gives you free shipping and how you get a free beanie. Lot's of good stuff.

FREE shipping on all orders over $125 through the weekend NO CODE NECESSARY.

Just a quick update....  We are shipping all Watercolor Sweatpants from the Factory Floor as we speak right now and will have all pairs out by noon.  Thank you to everyone for their patience.  

We also have the new Plan B Tees, New Track Suits and some pretty heavily discounted hoodies you may want to scoop up.  

Please read below to find out all the details. 


The pricing of the leggings at $51 will continue through the weekend.  Also in addition to the legging discount; if you buy 2 pairs, you can use the code: BEANIE (singular version) to grab any of our beanies or gators for FREE.  Simply add the leggings to the cart and the beanie or gator of your selection, then add the code BEANIE at checkout.  Leggings will go to $65 by Monday.


The Factory will be raising the price of the sweatpants production by $10 a pair for the next run so we definitely can't discount them anymore.  We can give you a couple days to grab whatever you need before we are forced to raise the pricing Monday.  Remember FREE shipping over $125 as well. 
WE do make the sweats by hand in Los Angeles.  Not a privilege a lot of companies get to have.  
Also, anyone buying a pair of sweatpants s can grab a FREE BEANIE too.  Simply use the code: BEANIES (plural version) during checkout and make sure you add the beanie to the order so the system can remove the price.  
If for some reason the code gives you trouble or you forgot, please shoot us an email.  We'll be happy to add one to your order.  
We also have some amazing steals on the website.  The oversized hoodie (shown below on Nikki) has been marked down to $95.  This was another LA made piece.
The Blackout Hoodies (shown below on Will) have also been marked down to $65 which is another insane steal.  Just have some inventory left over and we're busy working on the 2021 product line.  
And let's keep the ball rolling with the Track Suit Release.  Spent the better part of a half a year getting this thing together.  And we have it discounted to give everyone an opportunity to grab one at a discount. 
The new 001 Track Suit is special in every way.  Spandex in the fabric to stretch with the body.  Light weight for breathability.  Water resistant to keep you dry.  Silicone rubber logos to polish things off.  It's just perfect in every way.
And last but not least.  The Plan B re-release.  
Any request send us an email.  

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