The Spring Sale
April 09, 2021

The Spring Sale

Good Morning HTFU, 

Read closely.  Lots of sales going on as well as a hat promotion a few paragraphs below.  


It's a beautiful day here in Los Angeles and we are just starting work on the new Analog Sweatpants in the original Tri Blend Fleece.  This past season we tried a few new options with a 100% cotton fleece and a 100% cotton French Terry.  Both turned out amazing and were happy to say we are about 30 pairs from being completely sold out.  And since the only sizes that remain are a few XL and Larges, the remaining pairs on SALE.  So if you need another pair or just want to give us a try, get on the website and start shopping.  

Now on to the Sale items:  The remaining Analog Leggings are on sale at $31.  This is about as low as we can go on our product and hope everyone picks up a couple pair if you haven't tried them out.  With that being said, it's time to move on to a new analog print which I (Mark Gingrich) am working on currently and hope to have something new for you in the coming months.  

Track Suits as well have been marked down.  Not because anything is wrong with them but because we're heading into summer and they were supposed to arrive prior to Christmas.  Not to mention we have two new colors in production and solid amount of Grey Track Suits left in stock.  For those who have yet to pick this up, they're amazing and I personally wear the black every day.  Wore the grey every day before the black sample came in, which is why it's now in production.

Hoodies too.  We have a few Mad Scientist hoodies left in stock that cost us a fortune to print.  Let's just say oversized 8 color print jobs are EXPENSIVE.  With that being said, the print on the back of this hoodie is probably one of the best looking prints I personally have ever seen and most certainly the best print job HTFU has ever one.

What else....  The blackout hoodies remain on sale as this item was part of a collection last year and have since moved on to new items.  It's a beautiful heavy weight garment that will sit in your wardrobe for 20 years, getting better with time.  And the price is almost a joke it's so low.  

And the essential tees that you've probably missed are on a huge sale as well.  The remaining Capo V, Capo Crew and Cap Sleeve tees are all marked down. If you haven't tried one of these, you are most certainly missing out.  Absolutely gorgeous and was made for the aesthetic physique.  

And now just one more thing:  Our hats have been getting some popularity lately and we've got thousands in stock.  So, with that being said, go SHOPPING and grab 3 hats AND get another 3 for FREE.  Simply add 6 hats to your order and use the promo code: 6LIDS during checkout.  You'll only be charged for 3. We'll take care of the rest.  

Have a great weekend CREW.



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