The Year It All Came Together

The Year It All Came Together

November 14, 2020

And so the story of the GymRat Sweatpants continues...

Made several big decisions this year and two of the most impactful, both tied together, was the switch of factories in Los Angeles and the addition of the new Heavy Weight French Terry Sweatpants.

(At 5'11" shown below wearing a size XL in the Carolina Blue French Terry for that baggy fit as well as shown above during production wearing a size large in the new watercolor release.  Also French Terry)Carolina Blue

So we began introducing the heavier weight French Terry into HTFU around 2018. It was with the introduction of the Blackout Hoodie made a couple years ago.  This was a tribute to a Heavy Weight Hoodie Jerry Lorenzo did for his higher end label Fear Of God back in 2017.

(Our guy Will wearing the Blackout Hoodie I did for HTFU below)

The second addition was a pair of French Terry Practice Shorts we had done earlier this year and was a nod to John Elliotts brand and a pair of wool basketball shorts he did in 2019.  Loved them so much we had to do a variation in terry with matching tape.

(Mark wearing the Orange Practice Shorts Below)

Coming in at third was the oversized hoodie which we only made in two sizes.  This was a nod to a Warren Lotus Hoodie we picked up at Barneys 2 years ago.  

It was the cuffs that did it for me.  The minute I saw them the minute I saw what he was doing and wanted to implement it into my own creation.

I ended up bringing the Lotus hoodie straight downtown to the factory so we could start the process of making the rib for the cuffs along with heavy weight Terry we'd eventually use to make the hoodies.

(Nikki below at 5'9" wearing the Salmon in a small / medium).

Thanks Warren for the creative inspiration. The HTFU audience has one hell of a hoodie now. Cracks me up to think we went so bold as to only do two sizes.  A s/m and l/xl.  But seriously, most have no idea how to wear a hoodie.  Either too short, too long, too baggy, too tight. I just took the equation and made it easy for everyone. It’s big  and who doesn’t love a big hoodie  

Karen at 5'1" below in a small / medium salmon with a size medium in the new Terry Tie Dye.

(Nikki below at 5'8" wearing the black in a small / medium.)

And that's why we decided the Terry had to come. Typical price points for heavy weight hoodies and shorts made in Los Angeles would typically cost any other consumer $300-$600 from the labels I took inspiration from. And they're aren't really any other labels making product at this level inside of LA.  Especially an "off fashion" brand such as HTFU.  

The products are just too expensive to make in LA. Anywhere for that matter.  Wash houses and dye houses charge by weight, not piece.  3 lb hoodies cost some money when it comes to dye.  2 lb sweats cost some cheese when you're talking about having to hand dye each one.  Even I can attest to that. Every release from the shorts to the new sweatpants required sizable investments outside of comfort zone.

But it was time. 

I only reference price in other brands as reference point because the price of our items does come up often. 

It is because we have a close online relationship with our customers that we can bypass wholesale distribution and sell directly to the consumer. Basically means we can offer a $250-$300 sweatpants for $150-$190 which is awesome for HTFU.

So yes, our products may be on the expensive side to some and for others, perhaps the OFF WHITE, FEAR OF GOD, WARREN LOTUSf audience, well they may find our products priced too low to even notice.  

Let's just say we are airing on the side of the consumer in this case and offering a beautiful hand made product completely done in Los Angeles at an extremely attractive price point.  

It's always been my intention to make quality apparel over anything else.

( At 5'11" shown below wearing the grey French Terry in a size Large)

The addition of the French Terry Sweats has been nothing short of perfect.  It's an addition I can put my entire reputation behind.  And personally, I've never wanted to wear something as much as I've worn all the new colors in the French Terry sweats.  I'm literally switching colors every day.  

(At the airport wearing the new Watercolor in a size Large)

So in the end I'm finally here. I'm finally making top tier sweats. Took long enough.  

(Note: The watercolor sweats were a nod to Mike Amiri's label AMIRI which made a hoodie and tee last year with a similar design technique.  

BTW...  Every label I made a nod to makes and produces their product in Los Angeles. Proud to be doing it right along side these guys.