February 22, 2021

I can’t tell you how excited we are to re-release the original black ANALOG Sweatpants.  These were the most popular pair we’d ever released based on interest after we sold out and made a promise to hold off on our standard limited production run for a while. 


The original run was about 100 pieces and we released a green edition and charcoal grey edition at that same time.  The multicolored printing posed a challenge in the beginning which is why we held off for so long.


We’ve also never liked saturating the market with any of our items which is why you’ll find so many things sold out.  We just think it’s better when each item’s limited to 300-500 pieces per production run.  Gives each piece a collected feel.  Something special you won’t find but in the closets of 500 other individuals just like us.  Who wants something everyone else has anyway?


We’ve got a new factory underneath our wings as well.  Utilizing the resources to run one of the largest and most complicated GYMRAT Sweatpants runs we’ve ever done with the French Terry release.  Successful and catastrophic at the same time, we did persevere and provided every customer with one of the finest garments we’ve ever made.  And now it’s time to take that knowledge back to the Tri Blend we’ve become famous for.  Not that we won’t make the French Terry again, but it is getting close to spring and summer and the 12 oz tri blend is a gem of a fabric around these times.


Hope everyone enjoys the Analog release.  Please remember these are handmade; from the fabric to the final stitch; in Los Angeles.  The process takes time, detail and care.  We’ve priced them respectfully at $144 since we do not distribute or wholesale into stores.  This helps keep the price down to something reasonable.