001 Envoy Track Pant

001 Envoy Track Pant

December 24, 2019

It can take years to become a master at what you're doing.  Even when you become great, there's always another level or player doing it bigger or better than you.  So humble up, keep your head down and don't ever stop.  

(Mark Shown Above wearing the Original Camo Version of the Envoy 001)

We made a last minute decision to upgrade the fabric and spent a quick $1,200 for some custom Military Covert Nylon Ripstop.  Let's just say that changed the entire perspective of the pant almost immediately, and turned what was thought an already amazing pant into something we couldn't even fathom.  To have access to this level of fabric and hardware was unreal.  Might sound dumb but fabric and hardware rule the game when it comes to collected pieces.  

(Inspecting the full 100 yard roll before cut and sew.)

So fabrics here.  Drawstring is finished.  Zippers arrived from Italy a couple days ago.  Silicone private labels had an issue so we're waiting on a new sample and final production in 10 days.  Pipeline is set so now we make another sample.  

(Adjusting the pattern for someone 6'8")

(...RIRI Zippers added.  Finishing touches.)

(Each pair takes 2 hours to sew)

(Mark at 5'11" / 190 lbs / 33 inch waist, wearing the first size Large)

(To make something at this level is another feeling.  Everything about the Envoy's screams collected which is exactly what I was after.  If I sell one pair or all 50, it doesn't matter at this point.  I came to create and that's what I did.)

(I wore the original pair of Camo Envoys for 4 straight months while we waited on the Zippers to arrive from Italy. And of course I would buy Italian zippers right.)

(New Hoodie, New Tee and New pants.  Pants available now.  The rest soon.)


Hope everyone has an amazing holiday.  Always appreciate the love, both from those that admire as well as purchase.  


Mark Gingrich